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The Feminista 2021 holiday gift guide

Happy Monday, Feministas. It’s that time of year again: to deck the halls with equality and sleigh the patriarchy, ho-ho-holiday-style. And to make this season just a little bit breezier, we’re bringing back our seasonal shopping guide, packed with fun and feminist gifts for every activist on your list. 

It’s a one-stop shop for your pro-Roe pals and eco-chic gals, mothers and daughters, sisters and friends, political junkies and pop culture stans. And it features the best and brightest in feminist swag so you can spoil your ladies with gifts of style and substance this year. 

Without further ado, here’s The Feminista 2021 holiday gift guide—just in time for Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday, and full of feminist gear for all your jingle ladies :) 


Feminist Gift Idea #1: Christmas Lights & Equal Rights T Shirt 

Feminist gift idea #1: For the most festive feminists

You know the ones. The up-with-the-Christmas-lights, down-with-the-patriarchy, equal-rights-or-bust types. A truly lovely kind of human being. Indulge that holiday spirit and give ‘em a gift that says “I see you and I love ya” with our tried-and-true Christmas Lights & Equal Rights top or our brand new Deck the Halls with Equality premium tee.


Feminist Gift Idea #2: Feminist Political Bundle

Feminist gift idea #2: For your politically-minded friends and family

Here's some swag for those political junkies who just can't get enough of the news and want to rep the women who run the world. We've got Hillary's Nasty Woman premium tee, a cuff bracelet that says Elizabeth Warren's famous "nevertheless, she persisted" and a vinyl decal featuring none other than our very first female VP. Sing it with us: Kamala la la la la la la :)


Feminist Gift Idea #3: Sleigh Sis Sleigh T Shirt

Feminist gift idea #3: For anti-sexist sisters who slay

At The Feminista, we like to say that empowered women empower women, and this ultra-feminist holiday gift is the ultimate way to do just that. Put some pep in the step of a member of your girl gang this season—your coworker, bestie, sister, and beyond—with an ultra-soft t-shirt that slays and a festive AF sticker that demands none other than equal pay. 


Feminist Gift Idea #4: Yes Women Can Canvas Tote Bag & Feminist Fist Mask

Feminist gift idea #4: For rad moms who believe "women can"

We can't think of a better time or way to thank our mamas, mother figures, and role models than with this cute and practical combo that says "yes we can (thanks to you)" just in time for the holidays. We recommend our reusable feminist face mask and this colorful canvas tote so they can hit the town safely and tackle their to-do's in style.


Feminist Gift Idea #5: My Body My Choice T Shirt

Feminist gift idea #5: For your favorite pro-choice activists

Here's to all the ladies out there staying vigilant and fighting for reproductive rights, even in the face of the first serious challenge to Roe v. Wade in decades. For them, we've got a premium My Body, My Rights tee that tells it like it is. Double down with our Sugar, Spice & Reproductive Rights decal or one of our best-selling 5-sticker packs, featuring empowering messages like "my choice," "consent is key," and "protect Roe v. Wade - 1973."


Feminist Gift Idea #6: Holiday Sticker 5-Pack 

Feminist gift idea #6: For that under $15 gift exchange

At just $7.99, this Holiday Sticker Pack feels like a no brainer for that work party gift exchange—it's fun, non-denominational, and it makes a statement (not least of which comes from everybody's favorite holiday classic, Home Alone: "Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Feminist"). Make it a stocker stuffer. Throw a few into each of your holiday cards. Stick one to a bottle of wine and gift it to a lucky feminist.

TL;DR: this one's cute, versatile, and you're gonna want it in your gift mix :)


Feminist Gift Idea #7: I Didn't Come From Your Rib T Shirt

Feminist gift idea #7: For your bestie who tells it like it is

We've all got that fearless, flawless friend who doesn't beat around the (burning) bush when it comes to matters of principle—and maybe yours has a sharp wit too. This cozy-but-provocative premium tee should help her respond to any misogynistic one-liners that come her way about the creation of women with the quick quip, "I Didn't Come From Your Rib." Got that, Adam?


Feminist Gift Idea #8: If You Are Not Angry, You Are Not Paying Attention T Shirt  

Feminist gift idea #8: For your feminist AF, fiercely passionate pals

Listen, it can be hard to stay engaged in the current events when it feels like there's so much suffering in the world and so little we can do. But for your gals who make a point to pay attention and get angry in the name of change, this rad white tee might just do the trick. Up the ante with our Smash the Patriarchy sticker pack and you can cross that radical chick off your holiday list. 


Feminist Gift Idea #9: Feminist Script Gold Necklace 

Feminist gift idea #9: For empowered gals with hearts of gold

This one goes out to all the sweeties out there who are sour on sexism and want to let the world know exactly where they stand: a "Feminist" script gold necklace (18k-coated stainless steel, to be exact) in the style of Sex and The City's very own Carrie Bradshaw. Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine ;)


Feminist Gift Idea #10: In This Story The Princess Saves Herself T Shirt

Feminist gift idea #10: For bookworms and fem-lit lovers

For those bookish, super-smart lit-chicks in your life, why not offer up something empowering but still totally on theme. This soft beige, ultra-cozy premium tee is comfy enough to sleep and—you guessed it—read in. And spoiler alert: the shirt says "In This Story, The Princess Saves Herself"

Pair it with a book and call it a gift well given. Need a rec? Here are some of our fave feminist reads


Feminist Gift Idea #11: RBG When There Are Nine T Shirt & Holiday Sticker

Feminist gift idea #11: For the most notorious RBG stans

When asked "when will there be enough [women on the Supreme Court]," Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg replied matter-of-factly: "when there are nine." It's that kind of badass response in the name of equality that makes RBG such an inspiration, even today. For the RBG lovers in your life, honor that epic quote with a stately premium graphic tee and Nine Gifts decal (for a truly scholarly holiday twist).  


Feminist Gift Idea #12: Mean Girls Smash the Patriarchy T Shirts

Feminist gift idea #12: For the friend who keeps trying to make "fetch" happen

Perhaps you remember the quote, "On Wednesdays, we wear pink," or a certain sexy Santa holiday dance performed to the tune of Jingle Bell Rock—"what a bright time, it's the right time, to rock the night away..." Well we went ahead and took your favorite Mean Girls quotes and made them all about smashing the patriarchy. Can you blame us? 

Oh, and if you're wondering how many feminist Mean Girls shirts is too many feminist Mean Girls shirts, consider this: the limit does not exist! 


Feminist Gift Idea #13: Feminist Letters Gold Necklace 

Feminist gift idea #13: For the feminist who's gonna spell it out for you

Tits the season, ladies, for silver bells and golden chains... We're talking 18k-coated stainless steel that's tough as a mother and still dainty as can be. Our feminist gold letters necklace is incredibly affordable—$24.95 to be exact—and still super high quality. Made to last as long as your bestie's feminist resolve—which, we're guessing, is forever. 


Feminist Gift Idea #14: Women Make the World Go 'Round Canvas Tote Bag

Feminist gift idea #14: For eco-chic climate activists

This one's for all the eco-feminists out there, doing what they can to protect Mother Earth and mitigate the crisis at hand. The gals who believe we ought to "destroy the patriarchy, not the planet"—so much so they'd want the world to know. First, a decal for her reusable water bottle. Next, an eco-friendly tote that says "women make the world go 'round" because, well, they do, don't they?!


Feminist Gift Idea #15: The Future is Female T Shirt, Feminist Sticker Pack & The Feminista Reusable Mask  

Feminist gift idea #15: For daughters of the movement and inspiring up-and-comers

Finally, a gift bundle that's perfect for anyone new to the movement. Think of this as a feminist starter pack for the uninitiated equal rights activists in your life. We can see it now: she'll rock her Feminista face mask at her first protest, wear this minimalist "The Future is Female" t-shirt until it's vintage, and use our starter sticker pack to start sticking it to the man—literally. 

A truly empowering way to invite any young (or young at heart!) women you know and love into the feminist fold. Happy holidays and happy shopping, Feministas :)


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