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Sugar & Spice Decal


Sugar & Spice Decal


What’s a feminist made of? Sugar, Spice & Reproductive Rights ;)

If you’re pro choice and proud of it, this is the decal for you. For feminists and typography lovers alike, this design features a large ampersand and pastel lettering wrapped in a forest-green border. 

And because it’s made of high quality, waterproof vinyl, you can rep reproductive rights—sticker-style—anywhere you like. Throw it on your laptop or adorn your car or bicycle with a pro choice bumper sticker and be on your merry way.

    Size: 6.25” x 2.55" 

    Smooth, durable vinyl

    Strong messages, even stronger stickers. These white vinyl decals with gloss laminate are made to withstand the elements for up to 5 years. Not bad for just $2.99.

    Eco-friendly material

    Our decal product partner is committed to using the most sustainable, eco-conscious plastics available. 

    No sticky residue

    The best part about these decals is that when you’re done with them, they come off easily, and won’t leave anything nasty behind. 

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