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Feminist AF Decal


Feminist AF Decal


Feminist as fuck. And not afraid to show it.

Who’s got time for sexism? You certainly don’t. Grab a feminist car decal and show the world exactly where you stand on the matter of gender equality.

This black and white sticker is feminist as fuck and it says just that, in a sweet cursive font that’s surrounded by stars and wrapped in a heart. So you can say “fuck off” to the patriarchy… but, you know, sweetly. 

    Size: 4.5" x 3.5"

    Smooth, durable vinyl

    Strong messages, even stronger stickers. These white vinyl decals with gloss laminate are made to withstand the elements for up to 5 years. Not bad for just $2.99.

    Eco-friendly material

    Our decal product partner is committed to using the most sustainable, eco-conscious plastics available. 

    No sticky residue

    The best part about these decals is that when you’re done with them, they come off easily, and won’t leave anything nasty behind. 

    • Shipped by USPS First Class
    • Tracking number sent via email