Uterus Middle Finger Tote Bag

Let your lady parts do the talking with our Uterus Middle Finger tote bag. We like to imagine that this hand-drawn uterus is giving the middle finger to the patriarchy, and just about anyone who tries to control a woman’s body. Because f*ck that. 

So carry your commitment to reproductive rights with this middle finger uterus tote bag. And then share the lady love! This compliment-magnet makes a stellar gift for feminist friends. 

*Pro tip: check out our Uterus Middle Finger T-Shirt to complete the look.

100% cotton

These classic tote bags are all cotton, honey. From the simple square body to the self-fabric handles. 

Natural color

No chemical dyes. These strappy totes are totally natural, color-wise. Just a pure cotton backdrop plus our feminist print designs!

Ample space

Enough room to carry your load and then some at 15" wide by 16" tall. With a 2-inch bottom panel, so you can stash your laptop & whatever else you need to fight the patriarchy. 


  • Shipped by USPS First Class
  • Tracking number sent via email