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12 ways to style a feminist t-shirt

Feminist T Shirt with the words

Happy Monday, Feministas. And happy winter solstice! Tomorrow (Dec. 21) officially marks the shortest day of the year, which means your daily sunset is going to slow its roll and start happening later in the day—FINALLY. 

But as we revel in these remaining dark days—which might even coincide with some family time or holiday traditions(?!)—we’re looking forward to escaping the chilly outdoors and chilling inside in our coziest, comfiest clothes. Think warm socks, sweaters, and—yeah, we’ll say it—your favorite feminist t-shirts

Listen: even lounging about is an opportunity to make a statement, and a low-key, super-soft tee is maybe the most versatile item of clothing on the planet—a wardrobe staple, if you will. So throw one on and set the vibe, and if the time comes to dress it up for a party or take a work call, we’ve got some easy, breezy inspo to help you totally sleigh the season, sis

Here are 12 ways to style your humble feminist t-shirt, and look hella cool while you’re at it: 



Can’t help but start with a classic: a truly chic and effortless look (and a favorite of Queer Eye’s Tan France): the French tuck. You can achieve this simple-but-lovely style by tucking the front of your feminist t-shirt into your pants. What kind of pants, you ask? High waisted, boot cut, wide leg—it honestly works with anything. Leave the back untucked, maybe give those sleeves a neat roll or two, and strut like it’s Paris Fashion Week, baby. C’est magnifique!



Ahh, the old denim jacket and jeans look… sounds silly, looks stellar. Like, really, very cool. Next time you find yourself in a feminist t-shirt and jeans and are looking for the perfect coat to complete the ensemble, do the bold thing: say yes to more denim. Throw on some big sunnies and a tiny clutch and maybe even slouch that jacket over your shoulders. Style points = through the roof.



Uh oh: asterisk! What can it mean? We’ve added a little star to the styles on this list that require a little cutting to complete the look. And these ones are inspired by the women who have made badass alterations to Feminista t-shirts. By far, the most common among those is a quick crop, so get out your best scissors, make the cut, and rock your new political tee with a wide-leg pant, leggings, or even skinny jeans. *Pro-tip: buy a size up for that classic crop top style.



This one’s like a no-cut version of the last, with some down-home country vibes. Simply gather up some fabric in the front, wrap that around your hand to create a loop, and pull through to form a basic knot. It can help to see it done, so check out this quick video and you’ll have it mastered in minutes, in the style you like best. Knot your tees in the front, back, or at your hip, pair it with a maxi skirt or some high-waisted jeans, and get on your merry way.


Customer Photos : Ways to Style a Feminist T Shirt 1 


One of our favorite ways to style a simple t-shirt is to throw on a blazer and jeans or even—dare we say—a power suit and rock it like an off-duty model at fashion week. For those of you working from home at the moment, it’s a great way to dress up your laidback chill-wear for a quick Zoom meeting, and we’re pretty serious about that power suit option. A matching 2-piece patterned set with a political tee underneath? Maybe it’s with pants, but also maybe it’s a fancy jacket and shorts? That’s a girl we all want to be/need to meet. 



Okay, back to the at-home tailor shop. A few of our most stylish Feministas have added a little bohemian flair to their feminist t-shirts and we stan, fam. Lay your t-shirt flat on a table and start making vertical cuts into the fabric, as high up as you want that fringe to flow—anywhere from 1 - 5 inches—until you’ve got a bunch of ¼ - ½ inch strips hanging about your waist with breezy ease. Throw on some jean shorts or a maxi skirt and take it to a festival, or pair with leggings for extra-cool, at-home comfort.



Not to play favorites or anything, but in the winter/around the holidays, this might just be the ultimate. Comfy sweater or sweatshirt over a badass feminist graphic tee? Yes please. Pair with some flowy sweatpants, leggings, or—if you absolutely must—your most beloved and worn-in jeans. Simple? Yes. Basic? Heck no. Take it from Gina Rodriguez and Sophia Bush (tap the links for photo evidence): if you rock it with sunnies and some confidence, it’s gonna look cool AF.



Want to dress up your t-shirt and dress down your dress? Put ‘em together and consider your problem solved. Something flowy and flowering looks great with tights and boots. A body-con or LBD looks equally boss with heels or sneaks. Afraid your friends won’t be able to read the full message on your tee? Don’t worry, love, it only adds to the intrigue. More importantly, it allows you to start conversations about the things you care about—a.k.a. the feminist agenda ;)


Customer Photos : Ways to Style a Feminist T Shirt


Take your feminist tee to the next level by putting it on top of a collared shirt or a frilly long-sleeve. A collar adds a little collegiate prep to your step—the kind that lets people know for sure that the statement on your shirt isn’t an empty one—that you’ve got the knowledge to back it up. The latter is the coolest style for the cooler seasons. We’re talking fall, winter, and early spring—sort of aprés ski meets protest in the streets.



Coming in hot with our third and final cut style, and this one’s got options... We’ve seen a lot of interesting necklines from Feministas customers, ranging from the ‘80s-style scoop-neck to the mega-chic V-neck choker-style tee. Pair these cool, new-neck feminist tees with a pair of jeans and voila! You’ve got style with substance, ladies. P.S. keep it up; we’re so inspired by your creativity <3



A cozy triumph that is somehow also in fashion right now? For the record, we are not complaining. In fact, we’re gonna ride this bike short trend to the bitter end, and pair it (as we do) with our favorite feminist t-shirts—a size (or two) up from our usual :) Then we’re gonna wear a fanny pack over our shoulder like a cross-body purse and sport high socks and white sneaks for the win-win of the century—ultimate comfort and style, babyyyy



An edgy classic and full-on show-stopper. There’s nothing more punk than making a political statement with a graphic tee and then pairing it with a plaid mini, some black tights, and some combat boots or platform sneaks to show you mean business. Wrap a flannel around your waist and take it to the ‘90s or go all in with a couple of top knots and a choker necklace. Feminist AF. Fashion AF. Get it, ladies.


Thanks for reading, Feministas. And thanks to all of you who tag us in your photos and write us reviews. We see you, we appreciate you, and we love how you're wearing our tees!

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June 25, 2022

You need to have bigger shirts available so more when can wear them. There are women with breaststhat won’t fit in a 2XL.

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