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8 feminist resolutions for a brighter 2022

Happy Monday, Feministas! Just four days away from a brand new year, with brand new opportunities to make change in our lives and in the world at large. And although resolutions can sometimes feel like a little more pressure than a post-holiday, mid-pandemic, winter season really warrants, we’re channeling our high hopes and good intentions into some easy, breezy, bite-sized goals for a better, brighter, more empowered 2022. 

Sure, these resolutions may seem small, but don't get it twisted: if we know anything from our feminist activism, it's that even the tiniest tweaks to our actions, language, and thinking can have a major impact in the lives of women around the world. From a single signature on a petition or an extra dollar donated to simply showing up at a protest or raising your fist in solidarity, movements are made by millions of small acts. 

So join us in 2022 with resolutions that will turn us into better feminists, make the world a better place, and dismantle the damn patriarchy, even if it's one brick at a time :)


Feminist resolution #1: Feminize your media consumption

This one’s all about your mindset, ladies. And all it requires is kicking back and enjoying some of the best female-centric, feminist-focused art being made these days. Recalibrate your headspace this year with some of 2021’s very best books, movies, and TV series that say down with the patriarchy and up with empowered women, and then take that new world view out into the world with a vengeance ;)

Oh, and please excuse this shameless plug: if you’re not already signed up for our newsletter, The “F” Word, maybe give it a try in 2022. You’ll get ultra-feminist hot takes on current events and pop culture sent straight to your inbox… plus sweet deals on your favorite feminist apparel and accessories


Feminist resolution #2: Wear what you want

Last year, we said wear what you want because we were stuck in lockdown and we deserved to wear sweatpants 24/7, damnit. This year, not much has changed in the wardrobe department, except that we've had time to get creative and make comfy a little more chic. 

If you enjoy rocking a graphic tee about 99% of the time like we do, check out these 12 ways to spice up your look and take your cozy vibes out into the streets... Pro tip: pair it with a feminist mask for style, substance, and safety, babyyy. 


Feminist resolution #3: Talk about money

This one's tricky, but it'll always make our list. The gender wage gap won't go away if we don't do our part, and one of the best ways to fight the patriarchal powers that be is to be transparent about things like salary, benefits, investing, and beyond with other women in our lives

Today, women are still making around 82 cents for every dollar a man earns... and that gap is even larger for women of color. But knowledge is power, ladies, and the better we understand what we can and should be making, the more empowered we'll feel to ask for and eventually earn it ourselves :)

Feeling extra open? Do young girls a favor and don't be shy about your period. The sooner we can destigmatize that very natural part of our lives, the better.  


Feminist resolution #4: Turn up for Galentine’s Day

It may feel early, but trust us: now's the time to start planning your next Galentine's Day party, lovelies. Gather up your girls IRL (or virtually!) and celebrate the gift that keeps on giving: female friendship and sisterhood.

This Feb. 13th, we hope you'll turn the f up (that's "f" for feminist, of course) with one or more of the following: waffles, homemade gifts, karaoke, personalized poems, matching t-shirts, a short quiz on famous feminists throughout history, chocolate-covered strawberries, tiny bottles of champagne, fun sticker packs, etc.

Point is: do your best to channel Leslie Knope and celebrate your favorite ladies in style and then, if you must, you can celebrate V-Day too. 


Feminist resolution #5: Start a book club

We've been loving the output from female authors this year... so much so that we put out not one, but two(!) 20-title lists of our faves (here's #1 and here's #2). If you feel like starting a feminist lit club of your own, we hope you'll be inspired by those picks and undaunted by what might seem like too tall of an order for your family or friends.

Honestly, even a couple of books a year is an awesome place to start, with a biannual gathering on Zoom or in person for some tea and badass feminist chat. Need help leading the discussion? The O.G. book club queen herself (Oprah, of course) has a list of questions that we highly recommend for just about any feminist read. When 2022 rolls around, let's get lit, ladies


Feminist resolution #6: Stay politically engaged

We know, we know. This one's easier said than done. And honestly, it's important to know your limits and check out from time to time when you need a mental break. But! It's the midterms this year and if you care about women's rights at all, you're going to want to tune in before November. 

All 435 seats in the House of Representatives and 34 of the 100 seats in the Senate will be contested... not to mention the many state and local elections up for grabs, from governorships to mayoral races, attorney generals and beyond. So freshen up on your area's reps sometime this year—FYI: voterparticipation.org has great info on local government—and make your voice heard at the ballot box (or by mail!) in 2022.


Feminist resolution #7: Send love, all year long

We think it's safe to say that we're nothing without the women in our lives... even if it’s simply because we all come from one ;) As we reflect on the ups and downs of 2021, let’s take a moment to appreciate the leading ladies in our lives—we’re talking moms, daughters, besties, cousins, coworkers, baristas, role models, etc.—the ones who make us proud to be women and fuel our feminist fire. 

You know as well as we do that empowered women empower women… and it’s always a good time to send a little love to the people you’re grateful for. So kick off 2022 with a New Year’s card and a heartfelt thank you for the inspiration, friendship, support, and beyond. 


Feminist resolution #8: Reduce your waste

In 2022, our mantra is simple: destroy the patriarchy and not the planet :) Every year, the climate crisis feels a little more real, and we know that environmental catastrophe and the safety, social, and economic implications that go along with it adversely affect women far more than men. 

This year, let's do our best to collectively up our sustainability game in the name of Mother Earth and IRL mothers, with all of the usual "reduce, reuse, recycle" tactics—grocery bags, public transit, low energy light bulbs, and buying items made to last—you know the drill. When it doubt, go green, queen!


Thanks for reading, Feministas. And happy New Year! See you in 2022 for more of The "F" Word, our official newsletter and blog on all things feminist, from activism to fashion and beyond. Want it delivered? Scroll down, sign up, and we’ll send it straight to your inbox.

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