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10 badass feminist women to follow, like yesterday

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If you’re like us, you might already be following famous feminists like Michelle Obama, Reese Witherspoon, and Jameela Jamil, who use their platforms to bring feminist issues to the forefront, uplift other women, and inspire us on the daily. But we’d like to introduce you to a few lesser-known ladies who are slaying on social. Some of them are self-proclaimed feminists through and through. Some just act that way. Regardless, if you like your Insta with a heavy dose of inspo, we highly recommend you let these women light the way.

Here are ten feminists to follow on Instagram, starting today:


1. @blairimani

Blair Imani lives in that lovely in-between where activism meets killer Instagram content. She describes herself as a Black bisexual Muslim educational influencer and historian and her feed is full of cheerful and challenging feminist inspiration.

Check out her “Smarter in Seconds” Insta story series, where you can learn things like how to address people with non-gendered language or what to do if you make a mistake with people’s pronouns—in just fifteen seconds. When she’s done teaching, she invites us to do our part, and she does it with a smile (which she doesn’t owe us, but she gifts us anyways.) Give her a follow! There’s so much to like. 


2. @shegotthepink

Taylor Steinbeck’s a feminist illustrator from the Bay Area who aims to “empower womxn & folks of marginalized backgrounds to cultivate a practice of radical self-compassion.” Oof. A gal after our own hearts.

In her feed, you’ll find posts about everything from pro-choice, body positivity and mental health awareness to queer and gender identity politics, social justice, and beyond—all in her trademark ultra-femme palate of pink and red.


3. @climatediva

At The Feminista, we like our fashion with a side of environmental activism. (Who doesn’t?!) And this next feminist to follow gives us just that. Summer Dean is a model and climate activist who wants to educate you in style. And we have a feeling she’d be fully down with the mantra "destroy the patriarchy, not the planet." 

She’s got quick explainer slides and videos on topical environmental issues, plus reminders to stay politically engaged, good vibes, and good old fashion ~fashion~ content. Here. For. It.


4. @iammarleydias

Marley Dias is the 14-year-old founder of #1000BlackGirlBooks, a movement to collect and donate children’s books that feature black girls as the protagonists and her feed is full of the kind of joy you might expect from a bright young feminist like who’s precocious enough to start so young. The future is female!

Plus, she’s no joke. Sure, she’s made the rounds on TV, from The Morning Show to Ellen, but she’s also spoken at the UN, the Forbes Women’s Summit, and the White House(!) alongside Michelle Obama & Oprah. So give this feminist a follow for some truly badass inspo. She’ll make you think and then make you smile. And isn’t that what Instagram should be for?


5. @aarynnlang

You may know Miss Aaryn Lang from when she took over Anne Hathaway’s Instagram account back in June with #MissLangPresents, but if not, it’s time to learn her name. Our sixth feminist to follow is a writer, public speaker, artist, and consultant working towards a more just future for black trans women. She’s a living, breathing example of what it looks like when empowered women empower women. And her feed will challenge you in the best way because there’s always more to learn and ways to be a better ally.


6. @illustracee

~ Intersectional art alert ~ We all need to see more of this. She’s been featured in Cosmopolitan, Elle India, and, perhaps most importantly, Mindy Kaling’s Instagram!

Give her a follow and she’ll light up your feed with all the good stuff: rich colors, fun patterns, unapologetic feminist quotes and phrases, and illustrations that make women look like absolute queens. Plus, if she’s cool enough for high profile feminists like Padma Lakshmi to follow, she’s good with us.


7. @amikageorge

Meet the 18-year-old founder of @freeperiods (which you should also follow), which began as a petition to make free menstrual products available for kids who qualify for free school meals and ended up as a full-blown movement to end period poverty.

She also just wrote a book called Make it Happen: How to be an Activist, with none other than feminist icon Malala’s review on the cover. Just sayin’.


8. @tyler_elise

Another good follow for the design-minded, Tyler’s a Boston-based artist and illustrator with a conscience. She the creator and curator of a zine called “Like a Girl,” which showcases the work of female-identifying artists in a variety of mediums, and her feed is full of thoughtful, feel-good, and—yes!—feminist inspiration that will remind you to use your voice, stay vigilant, and see the joy in life.


9. @queennushie

Her bio says she’s “just a girl tryna fix healthcare + save the planet.” No big deal. But seriously, it’s so inspiring to see young people out there on their grind because they believe healthcare is a human right, and that climate change is a part of that. There’s hope yet!

Not only is her Instagram decidedly feminist and full of all kinds of useful breakdowns on the issues and where notable politicians stand on them, but she also just launched Avritah with her friends—"an intersectional platform for action dedicated to dismantling systems of health and environmental inequity.” (Kids these days, am I right?) We’re gonna give her a follow and watch the feminist revolution unfold.


10. @ericachidi

She’s the CEO and founder of Loom HQ, a company dedicated to the sexual health and wellbeing of women, with empowering education on everything from periods and sex to pregnancy and menopause. Her feed has a calming quality to it and a nice mix of feminist inspo, from useful info on the female body and her work to an occasional peek inside her own self-care journey, plus—our favorite—curated reading recommendations on reproductive health, social justice, and inclusivity. Count us in.


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