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12 times celebrities rocked the hell out of feminist t-shirts

12 times celebrities rocked the hell out of feminist t-shirts

Happy Monday, Feministas. In honor of all the red carpet looks we're seeing from the Cannes Film Festival this week, we're taking a look back at some of our favorite celebrity style moments, which--unsurprisingly--happen to be in feminist graphic tees :)

So kick back and learn from the stars how to make a statement with our favorite medium--fashion, babyyyy. And then we'll tell you how to get those designer looks on the cheap with t-shirts, totes, and more from yours truly. Let's get to it. 


1. Rihanna: “we should all be feminists”

Remember when Dior was selling that "we should all be feminists" t-shirt for $710 a pop? (Yes, you’re reading that right.) Well, Rihanna was in on that, and a portion of the proceeds went to her nonprofit, the Clara Lionel Foundation, which supports and funds global education, health, and emergency-response programs around the world. That rules. 

But if you’d like to rock your feminism for real people prices, we’ve got you covered here. Here. Annnnnd here. So you can make like Rihanna and let your t-shirt do the talking :)


2. Harry Styles:“women are smarter” 

Okay, quick disclaimer: the point of feminism is never to say that women are better, smarter, etc. It's that they're equal. Period. End of story. But Harry Styles isn't afraid of a little tongue-and-cheek in the name of feminism... because men of quality don’t fear equality, honey. 

And honestly, in a patriarchy that asserts men are smarter, stronger, more powerful by default, a statement like this feels like a breath of fresh air and an act of resistance. And when it’s worn by one of the most famous human beings on the planet, well, we’ll take it. 


3. Oprah: “the future is female”

When Oprah says it, you know it’s true. The future is female, ladies! And we've got the t-shirt, the vinyl decal, and the attitude to prove it. At The Feminista, we try to live like Oprah every day--by which we mean, work hard to uplift and empower girls and women everywhere, every. single. day. <3


Style Inspiration: Celebrities in Feminist T Shirts

4. Barack Obama: “this is what a feminist looks like” 

You know we love a man who wears his feminism on his sleeve... and despite the fact that he may not be in the shirt, strictly speaking, he’s repping it all the same. And why wouldn’t he? He’s married to one of the most influential women in American history: Michelle Obama, First Lady and feminist icon. 

His slogan may have been Yes We Can, but in this moment he’s giving us “Yes Women Can” and we are here for it, Mr. President.  


5. Lady Gaga: “I’m still with Her”

Back in 2016, Lady Gaga made it clear who she was voting for with her Hillary campaign "I'm still with her" t-shirt. It's probably safe to say she won't ever run again, but you can still find us repping our continued support for Secretary Clinton’s feminist legacy with the one and only Nasty Woman premium tee


6. America Ferrera: “phenomenal woman”

America Ferrera, Serena Williams, and Viola Davis (to name just a few) have all been seen in this shirt, inspired by Maya Angelou's 1995 poem, "Phenomenal Woman." Why? The proceeds are divided among seven badass women's rights organizations, from Girls Who Code to Planned Parenthood. These celebrities believe in women supporting women and we are here for it. 


7. Zendaya: “feminist AF”

Is there anyone cooler than Zendaya? She's not afraid to get political and we are not sorry for taking some style (and substance) inspo from this feminist and fashion icon.

If you want to carry that same energy into the second half of this year, try giving the middle finger to the man with our uterus tote or wearing the statement: "if you're not angry, you're not paying attention" on your chest. Or go all the way there with a "Feminist as F*ck" decal, so you can stick it to the man, explicitly ;)


Style Inspiration 2: Celebrities in Feminist T Shirts

8. Natalie Portman: “time's up”

By now, you've probably heard of Time's Up, a movement fighting against harassment, assault, and discrimination in the workplace. Natalie Portman is a longtime supporter and activist and if you want to be anything like her, feel free to rep this "all rights reserved" graphic tee or our "my body, not yours" premium tee. Because it's 2021 and it's time we put an end to that nonsense. 


9. Connie Britton: “poverty is sexist”

Connie Britton rocked this iconic, embroidered t-shirt to the 2018 Golden Globes to make a statement about class and gender inequality. According to the actress, her look is really about leveling the playing field for in opportunities and pay for women and girls in Hollywood... and all over the world. A shining example of an empowered woman empowering women everywhere :)


10. Jason Sedakis: “my body, my choice”

This one’s out of the box and we love it for that. Jason Sedakis attended the SAG Awards (virtually) in a sweatshirt that say My Body, My Choice and that's the kind of message we can always get behind. 

If you’re looking for our take on that important feminist message, we’ve got options, honey. Try our "my body, my choice" graphic tee or go visual with our uterus middle finger t-shirt and don't tell the world how you feel, show them.


11. Mindy Kaling: feminist icons tee

Mindy loves rocking the names of lady greats like Sojourner Truth, Harriet Tubman, and First Lady Kamala Harris. Want to do the same? We've got a pair of feminist icon tees that let you celebrate badass women from history--RBG, Michelle Obama, Rosa Parks, and Eleanor Roosevelt--as well as your mother or daughter. Show the world you're smart, sweet, and super sweet... just like Mindy. 


12. Emma Watson: "trans rights are human rights"

From the famous He for She campaign she started with the UN to her feminist book club and this absolutely iconic feminist Hermione Granger t shirt (wink, wink), Emma Watson is no newcomer to feminism, so you know she's going to make it intersectional. If you do want to match her bold-but-minimalist vibe on a budget, try rocking this classic black and white "feminist" tee and make a statement like a star ;)


Thanks for reading, Feministas. See you next week for more of The F Word, our weekly newsletter and blog on all things feminist, from activism to fashion and beyond. Want it delivered? Scroll down, sign up, and we’ll send it straight to your inbox.

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