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Sunshine & feminist vibes: the spring shopping guide

The Feminista Spring Shopping Guide: Feminist Jewelry & Tees

Happy Monday, Feministas! With an extra hour of sunlight on our side and spring just around the corner, we’re starting to feel hopeful for a better, brighter year. It’s why we’re so excited to share some of our fresh new feminist swag with you, so you can wear your heart on your sleeve this season or maybe just window-shop the fun new designs our team has been working on all winter.

We’re talking super-soft graphic tees in pink, black, maroon, and beyond, featuring cacti, Beyonce, and fish on bicycles (you'll see...). Plus—drum roll please—some badass feminist jewelry in 18k gold and stainless steel, depending on the piece. This has been in the works for a minute, but we wanted to get the quality and price just right. And now we’re finally ready to offer a little sparkle to help you shine :)

So scroll through our official Spring 2021 Feminista Shopping Guide and find something empowering and bright to start your season off right:


Spring Swag #1: PowHERful Graphic Tee

Nothing says spring like a daisy smack dab in the middle of your chest, so why not start here? We’re bringing you groovy seventies feminist vibes that pair nicely with the comeback of the wide leg pant game. This one says, “I’m strong,” but sweetly. And it’s super soft, so you can rock it comfortably from the couch until the weather feels friendly enough to take it outside.


Spring Swag #2: “In This Story, The Princess Saves Herself” T-Shirt

Love to read, but sick of patriarchal B.S.? This one goes out to all the girls who are their own (s)heroes, who stand up for themselves and others, and want to rewrite herstory once and for all.

We’re not saying you have to or even should go it alone all the time (after all, we do love to see women supporting women), but this tee just says, hey, every now and again, I can and I will. Got that?


Spring Swag #3: “No Wrong Way to Have a Body” Cactus Tee

Start your spring off right with a little self-love and some succulents. It's time to shed that sweater, own your figure, and let the world know you’re not about policing women’s bodies, especially when it means upholding society’s outdated and unrealistic beauty and body standards. Goodbye male gaze, we’re heading into to spring in a happy, body positive haze.


Spring Swag #4: “Beyoncé Was Right, We Do Run the World” T-Shirt

This one feels extra timely given Bey’s historic Grammy win last week—breaking the record for most-awarded and most-nominated woman with 28(!) Grammy awards and 79 nominations. Sheesh. So why not rock a feminist lyric from one of the most badass women making music today and show the world you’re proud to be femme and feminist?

Pro tip: throw on these soft pink threads and then jam out to our “feminist fire” playlist. You better believe Queen B’s on it ;)


Spring Swag #5: “A Woman Without a Man is Like a Fish without a Bicycle” Tee

Have you ever heard that famous Cher quote: “mom, I am a rich man”? This shirt is a fun way of saying something along those lines to the world. The work of second-wave feminism has made it possible for women to love and live any which way they want to. If you want to be with a man, get it girl. But remember that it’s a want, not a need. You’re all you need to be, all on your own.


Spring Swag #6: Feminist Sticker Pack

This one’s been on sale for a minute and we’re going to keep it that way for a while longer because, honestly, we just want you to have these in your life. This little five-pack features feminist messages like “Proud to be a Woman,” “Mind Your Own Uterus,” and “Support Your Local Badass Women.”

And they’re nice and compact compared to our vinyl decals, so you can stick ‘em on just about anything: your laptop, water bottle, notebook, guitar case, skateboard—the list goes on and on.  


Spring Swag #7: "Feminist" Script Necklace in Gold

Time to shine, ladies. We’re so pumped to share our first few pieces of jewelry with you, and we’re keeping it simple to start. This one’s lovely, minimal, and shows the world you’re a feminist, but also a little fancy ;) Price-wise, it clocks in at just under $25, which is a steal for stainless steel plated in 18k gold. So go ahead and rock your feminism a la Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and The City.


Spring Swag #8: The Feminista Resist Mask

Given the recent tragedy in Atlanta, you may be inspired to hit the streets for a protest or vigil this week. If you do, we stand with you. And we hope you'll be safe out there. More and more people are getting vaccinated every day, but we’ve still got a few more months of mask-wearing if we want to put an end to the spread. If you want a mask to match the movement as you stand up to misogyny, racism, and violence, this one should do the trick. #StopAsianHate


Spring Swag #9: "Nevertheless She Persisted" Cuff Bracelet

This little slide-on bangle lets you flaunt your feminism with a quiet confidence in whatever color suits you best: silver or gold. It’s made of high-quality stainless steel, so it’ll hold its shape over time and resist rust, discoloration, and fading. What we’re saying is: it’s as tough as Elizabeth Warren herself and a constant reminder that you’re made of all the stuff you need to persevere and succeed.


Spring Swag #10: Gold "Feminist" Letters Necklace

Last but not leastbecause spring has sprung and the sparkle is here—this one lets you spell out exactly what you are for anyone who doesn’t already know: F-E-M-I-N-I-S-T. This necklace has a thin, 17-inch gold-plated chain, with an extra 1.5 inches past the clasp, so you can fit it just how you like. And it’s made of stainless steel coated in 18k gold because you’re better than that silly turn-your-skin-green nonsense, thank you very much. 


For more of the good stuff, check out what’s trending at The Feminista Shop. We’ll keep dropping fresh new threads, jewelry, and stickers as the season continues, so keep an eye out or follow along here at The F Word by signing up for the newsletter. Happy shopping and happy spring, loves!



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