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This just in: the resistance is now in color

Feminist summer styles from the Feminista on a pink background: feminist t shirts, stickers, totes & more

Happy Monday, Feministas! Summer is coming in hot and our warm-weather threads and accessories have finally dropped. This season, we’re leaning into the vibrancy of life in the midst of Pride and post-pandemic with far more color than you’ve seen from us before. 

Yes, we’ve still got those minimalist feminist staples you know and love in black and white and muted tones. But we gave our designers free reign to branch out with bolder, brighter, more badass looks to match the moment and they did not disappoint. 

So whether you’re planning to hit a music festival, take a road trip, or just bop around town in style, we’ve got some serious inspo to help you live your best feminist life in full color this summer. Let’s get into it.


1. For Unapologetic Optimists: Yes Women Can Tote Bag

For the half-glass-full, idealist types who believe that hard work and solidarity can change the world, we've got a new eco-conscious, canvas tote that'll help you carry your load and share your positivity with the world. Bring this bright, summery design with you wherever you go, and remind your friends and fam that anything is possible. Case in point: we're out and about, living our lives again! There's light at the end of every tunnel :)


2. For Body Positive Babes: No Wrong Way T-Shirt

Body positivity with a side of succulent please. This is what we're wearing to celebrate "hot girl summer" as we hit the streets IRL once and for all. Buy one for the plant parents in your life and let 'em rep the kind of message that we all need to see/hear once in a while: "no wrong way to have a body." Amen.


3. For Pro-Choice Chicas: My Choice Sticker Pack

If you’ve shopped with us before, you’ve probably seen the OG Feminista sticker pack, but this one packs a more specific, pro-choice punch. So stick ‘em to your notebook, laptop, or water bottle. Maybe share a spare with a friend. And while reproductive rights and women’s health remain under threat, carry phrases like “protect Roe v. Wade,” “consent is key,” and “keep your filthy laws off my silky drawers” on your keepsakes and let the world know where you stand. 


4. For the Chic & Fearless: Feminist Script Gold Necklace

Is this your time to shine? Or are you too busy spreading the feminist agenda? We're here to tell you that you can have it all, love. Tell the world you're a feminist in gold script or bold capital letters. Either way, these cuties are super affordable for the quality at just under $25 each and are made to last--we're talking stainless steel coated in 18k gold--as long as you plan to be a feminist (which we hope is forever). 


5. For Ladies with Wanderlust: World Go 'Round Tote Bag

Whether you’re planning to travel this summer or still just daydreaming about it, this’ll tote will help you carry a little global perspective with you wherever you go. It's a super durable, machine-washable, eco-friendly bag that speaks the truth: "women make the world go 'round. Period. 

Oh, and maybe round out the look with our super-soft, purple & pink Women Around The World tee ;) 


6. For Mindful Music lovers: Run The World Premium T-Shirt

Who run the world?! GIRLS. Now you can rep Queen Bey and look the part of the feminist queen you always have been and will be… at least in a way the world can see :) And if you’re the band tee type, this soft pink premium t-shirt might be just the thing for your first concert or festival in a while. Rock on, ladies. 


7. For Activists with Attitude: Smash The Patriarchy Sticker Pack

File this one under patriarchy-smashing essentials. Perfect for back-to-school gifts, decking out your laptop or planner, or sipping from your reusable water bottle or coffee cup in style. This pack is just $7.99 for a limited time, and comes with five sticker designs, from "smashing the patriarchy is my cup of tea" and "Eve was framed" to "male tears on the rocks" and the Feminista classic: "smash the patriarchy."


8. For the Best Kind of Friends: Babes Support Babes Premium T-Shirt

Babes support babes. What more can we say? It's what we’re about this (and every) summer and now you can wear the love your have for your fellow ladies on your sleeves... or on your chest, but you know what we mean ;) Have a friend who’s starting a small business? Becoming a mom? Graduating from school? Going through something? Share the love with this soft-as-can-be, blue and pink, mega-supportive graphic tee. 


9. For Classic (& Classy) Femmes: Empowered Women Empower Women T-Shirt

Okay true: this one doesn’t come in the bright colors we’re debuting for summer. And it's also not new... But it’s our best-selling t-shirt for a reason! It’s a chic and uplifting reminder that we are our best allies. So use this classic black and white graphic tee to ground your look and then lay on your own color, ladies. 

Oh, and it comes in two unique silhouettes--wavy updo or tight curls--so you can find the one that feels like you and then rock that mantra with confidence. 


10. For Loud & Proud Feministas: Bold Feminist Decal

Last but not least, we’re going bold. This summer, we’re embracing everything vibrant, joyful, and unapologetically feminist, and this sticker lets you own the label and stand up for what you believe in. Throw it on your bumper or bike and be the mover and shaker you were always meant to be. After all, it’s feminist, not feminazi, and it’s about time the world gets on board with that. 

Want something that packs a little more punch? Check out our Feminist Fists Decal and show the patriarchy what you’re made of. 


Looking for a last minute Father’s Day gift? Grab him a Men of Quality Don’t Fear Equality t-shirt. Nothing says “I love you” like an invite into the feminist fold ;) 

Thanks for reading, Feministas, and happy Pride! If you want to stay in the loop on Feminista product drops and up to date on feminist issues from pop culture to politics, scroll down and sign up for The F Word, our blog and weekly newsletter. See you next week!

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