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Take action & celebrate International Women’s Day 2021

Calendar showing March 8th and Happy International Women's Day from The Feminista

Here at The Feminista, we treat every day like it’s Women’s Day, but we’re also fully down to celebrate with the rest of the world each year when March 8th rolls around. So happy ~official~ International Women’s Day 2021, ladies! 

Last week, we offered up a quick recap on the history of this annual feminist holiday—how it started, how it’s evolved, why we celebrate, etc. And in an ideal world, we’d all take that information and inspiration and translate it into action today by organizing with our fellow feminists: maybe staging a walkout, joining a protest, or attending a female-led lecture or event... 

But since we can’t hit the streets quite yet, we’ve rounded up 6 small-but-meaningful ways to commemorate the day and show support and solidarity with women around the world--without leaving home. So put on your PJs, power suit, or Feminista tee, and get ready to celebrate :)


1. Give, the old-fashioned way

We know, we know. It’s a tale as old as time and trickier than ever these days, when we’re all feeling the stresses of a struggling economy here in the U.S. But it does remain a surefire way to make a difference from the safety of home, which just happens to be our reality this year. 

So if you are interested in making a donation this International Women’s Day, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite organizations working on feminist issues in 2021: 

  • Black Women’s Blueprint: Feminism isn’t feminism if it isn’t intersectional, and this organization is committed to addressing the injustices that Black women and girls face. We believe in it so much that 10% of the proceeds of our Take A Stand Premium T Shirt goes straight to their cause. 
  • National Women’s Law Center: Think of these folks as the gender-focused ACLU, fighting for justice, providing legal help, and taking on issues central to the lives of women and girls, from equal pay and birth control to Title IX, sexual harassment and so much more. 
  • Dress for Success: The fashion game is near and dear to our hearts at The Feminista and this organization empowers women with the professional attire and tools they need to thrive at work and in life. Donate cash to help them operate or find a clothing drive near you and put some of your old work clothes to good use. 

If none of these are speaking to you, check out Charity Navigator’s list of fully vetted and highly rated organizations focused on women and girls.

2. Give, the new fashion way

WORD PLAY. (How could we not?!) But seriously, after you spread the word about International Women’s Day, do feel free to spread some threads as well--we’re talking t-shirts, stickers, masks, and--yup, you heard it here first--jewelry a.k.a. BLING.

Celebrate the women you care about most with some feminist swag that will help them make a statement, no matter their style: 

  • Got a coworker you want to celebrate? Right this way
  • Have a friend that prefers to smash the patriarchy in pink? We got ya.
  • Know someone who wants to rep Elizabeth Warren but glam up like AOC? Well, that’s very specific, but we do have just the thing...

Oh, and if you want to show your lady loves the softest, sweetest, most luxey kind of appreciation, might we suggest our ~premium~ t-shirt collection. Equal parts feminist and cute, now with double the comfort: yes please. 


3. Reflect on recent herstory

Over the years, International Women’s Day has become an important opportunity to call for change by way of protest and collective action, but it’s also a chance to remember the progress we’ve made so far and to celebrate women at the forefront of feminism. So let’s take a moment to highlight a few of the recent feminist victories we're most excited about and grateful for:  


    4. Empower a future feminist

    The best way to ensure that the future is female? Make sure the young ladies in your life are well informed and inspired about all of the possibilities that lie ahead. So why not start on International Women’s Day and make celebrating women something they’ll look forward to each year? 

    Here are a few of our favorite feminist reads for kiddos, in case you feel like sharing with anyone young and impressionable, today or on their next birthday:

    • Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls: This one’s got 100 tales of extraordinary women from our past and present and is illustrated by 60 female artists all over the world. Nothing like a little bedtime (her)story to help a tiny activist dream big.
    • Ada Twist, ScientistWe stan girls in STEM! Inspire a lifetime of learning without reservation with this fun story about the power of curiosity, problem-solving, and perseverance.


    5. Tune in and turn up

    Have you checked out our feminist fire Spotify playlist yet? If not, we highly recommend celebrating Women’s Day by grooving to the sweet sounds of empowered women empowering women… in this case, by way of lady-made, female-friendly lyrics and melodies.

    Sure, it’s got the usual suspects like Lizzo. And Miley. And Katy Perry. And we obviously weren’t going to leave out Beyonce (who run the world?!). But we brought the deep cuts too! And they’re all upbeat, inspiring, fully feminist anthems that will amp you up and make you feel like the boss that you are. 

    (Tap here if you want to nerd out with us about the music videos and why we love these tracks so much.)

    6. Let your ladies hear it

    Last but not at all least, let the women in your life know what they mean to you: how much you love them, feel inspired by them, depend on them, etc. Even if it’s just via text thread, Slack channel, Zoom party, etc. We’re all in this together, ladies, so let’s make sure we recognize one another when the opportunity arises :)

    You know what? We’ll get the ball rolling for ya with a quick shout out to our readers and customers, who we are truly so grateful for. The whole point of The Feminista blog, newsletter, and shop is to inspire, inform, and hopefully make feminism more mainstream. The people who show up here to read up on feminist issues and history and literally wear their feminism on their sleeves are the ones doing the work, engaging with the cause, and making the movement more visible out there in the real world. 

    WE SEE YOU. WE LOVE YOU. WE THANK YOU. Happy International Women’s Day, Feministas <3

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