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Where to donate on Indigenous Peoples' Day

Where to donate on Indigenous Peoples' Day

Happy Monday, Feministas. If you’ve been here before, you know that The “F” Word is in the business of better understanding feminism and finding ways to fight for equality. Often that means looking at politics and pop culture—calling out setbacks, celebrating our progress, and having some fun while we’re at it ;)

But it also means acknowledging our country’s complicated and often cruel history, and the ways in which the injustices of the past continue to hold us back. And in honor of Indigenous Peoples' Day—formerly known as Columbus Day—we’re taking a moment to reflect on those roots and then taking some action, with some of our favorite organizations working to protect and empower Native Americans, with initiatives that range from sustainability and land justice to community health and food security. Let’s do this.


Social justice & human rights

Native American Rights Fund

This fund provides legal resources and representation to Indigenous people and organizations around the world. More specifically, they're committed to protecting human rights and dignity, land sovereignty and natural resources, and a pathway to voting and participation in law-making itself, all of which have been habitually stripped from Native American tribes since the establishment of the U.S. government. On a day like today, a donation to the NARF feels like one tiny step in the right direction. 

Cultural Survival

This Cambridge, Mass.-based non-profit advocates for the rights of Indigenous Peoples all around the world and supports the self-determination and political resilience of those communities. Through advocacy, public education, and media, their work seeks to amplify their voices and ideas, and to engage others in helping to "protect, respect, and fulfill" their rights and cultural destiny. 


Climate & sustainability 

Women's Earth Collective

Here at The Feminista, we love a lady-led non-profit, and the Women’s Earth Alliance (WEA) is no exception. This Indigenous-led mission centers around supporting women's solutions for climate change—from educational opportunities and leadership training to their global alliance of mentors and funders ready to help these women scale their ideas and start making meaningful change

Conservation Legacy

Conservation Legacy engages future leaders and young people who are passionate about conservation in hands-on work in local communities and ecosystems. Service programs range from the restoration and ecological monitoring of ancestral lands to wildland fire protection and preparedness, with the goal of bettering the land and everyone involved with on-the-ground, transferrable ecological training. And who doesn't love a win-win?


Food security & independence

Native American Agriculture Fund

"Feeding our people. Growing our economies. Building our future." It's the mission of the NAAF, which supports Native American farmers and ranchers through strategic grant-making, agricultural education, advocacy and more. 

Their work stems from the simple belief that healthy land leads to healthier people, which leads to a healthy, more sustainable economy. Sounds like the kind of future we can all get behind. 


This group of Indigenous chefs, activists, herbalists, and seed and knowledge keepers is inspired by their four main principles: "Indigenous. Inspired. Innovative. Independent." Their goal is to shine a light on the ongoing contributions of Native American cuisine, agriculture, and medicine, and to connect the line between their community's vibrant past and a healthy future. Keep an eye out for their upcoming cookbook, which seeks to elevate Indigenous food and support food sovereignty as a radical response to colonialism. 


Community health & self-reliance

Seventh Generation Fund for Indigenous Peoples

Founded in 1977, this organization has long been dedicated to the "self-determination and sovereignty of Native nations." Their focus is on community building in the broadest sense, from advancing Indigenous wisdom, knowledge, and culture for future generations, to fighting climate change and protecting Mother Nature's ability to nurture and sustain life in harmony with human beings. 

First Nations Development Institute

This organization aims to improve economic condition for Native Americans through a variety of initiatives, from financial empowerment programs and environmental stewardship to direct financial investments in indigenous youth and advocacy & policy.

You can also donate to their designated COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund, which directly supports tribes and Native American communities across the country in their pandemic response and recovery.


Thanks for reading, Feministas. See you next week for more of The "F" Word, our weekly newsletter and blog on all things feminist, from activism to fashion and beyond. Want it delivered? Scroll down, sign up, and we’ll send it straight to your inbox.

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