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Pass the mic: 8 feminist podcasts by & for women

Microphone on pink background with The Feminista Logo featuring 8 feminist podcasts

Seems like everybody has a podcast these days, doesn’t it? We’re talking Snooki, Snoop Dogg, Kevin from The Office--everyone. It’s one of the most accessible mediums for people to make their voices heard, which means if you’ve got a mic and a message, you have a chance to make it big in the podcast game. 

On the one hand, this is stellar news: it means women who might otherwise be overlooked in more traditional media settings have the opportunity to share their perspective and gain some grassroots notoriety and even stardom. On the other, an over-saturated market means those feminist gems can get lost in the fray.

It’s why we’re here to help you cut through the noise and find your way to some feminist podcasts that are actually worth your time. So next time you find yourself meal-prepping in the kitchen, stuck in traffic, or working out with nothing much to listen to, throw on an empowering podcast you can laugh with and learn from, all through a distinctly feminist lens. 


1. Hear Me Slay

This isn’t the first time we’ve sung the praises of Roxane Gay, and it likely won’t be the last... In this black feminist podcast on all things pop culture and politics, she and her co-host Dr. Tressie McMillan Cottam will make you laugh, let you in on some incredible interviews with guests from Gabrielle Union to Stacey Abrams, and challenge you to think differently about the media we consume. 


2. Death, Sex & Money

This podcast is all about the “big questions and hard choices that are often left out of polite conversation,” a.k.a. death, sex, and money, honey. Here, you’ll find thoughtful interviews with real people (and sometimes celebrities) on topics that range from race and friendship to debt and taxes to sex work and grief and one-night stands. Anna Sale is an incredible host who’s been on the air for seven years now, and if you’re wondering which episode to listen to first, check out her helpful “starter kit” and enjoy :)


3. Incredible Women

Speaking of incredible women, luxey fashion brand NET-A-PORTER’s podcast consists of two seasons of empowering and intimate conversations with women you’re going to want to hear from (e.g. Carey Mulligan, Yara Shahidi, Ashley Graham, etc.). Season 1 is all about Celebrating Togetherness between women who have close friendships and/or working relationships, and Season 2 highlights the female Changemakers in fashion, music, and beyond. Listen in, get inspired, and then let’s smash the patriarchy, ladies.


4. Where Should We Begin?

Esther Perel, renowned author and psychotherapist (not to mention one of the most prominent voices on modern relationships), lets you be a fly on the wall during her therapy sessions with anonymous couples. These conversations explore the ways in which important feminist topics like gender roles, domestic violence and sexual abuse, family planning, work/life balance and so many others affect our relationships with the ones we love, and offer a unique chance to reflect on our own in the context of these fascinating and healing heart-to-hearts. 


5. Ctrl Alt Delete

In this award-winning podcast from Emma Gannon, you’ll get your feminist fill of work, wellbeing, and creativity inspiration and advice. Her show is loosely defined as a career show, but her interviews with people like Elizabeth Gilbert, Priyanka Chopra-Jones, and Greta Gerwig--to name a few--cover a range of feminist topics from work and parenting and the politics of periods to broader human issues like cancel culture, luck and privilege, activism and climate change, and, you know, how that steamy Netflix show Bridgerton came to be… 


6. Pretty Big Deal

Pop culture and body positivity stans will love this podcast from plus-size supermodel, entrepreneur, and all-around hilarious badass Ashley Graham, showing each and every episode that babes supporting babes really is the way to go. Join her as she sits down with some of her besties, from Hailey Bieber and Jada Pinkett Smith to Black Lives Matter founder Patrisse Cullors, to chat openly and honestly about what makes each of these women a pretty big deal


7. Frugal Forever

Two ladies talk money, from “making it, losing it, spending it, and uh, figuring out how to invest it,” in a refreshingly approachable way. Hosts Katie Cuningham and Josephine Parsons speak with weekly guests about real-life money situations and offer deep dives into common problems and solutions. It’s a shining example of empowered women empowering women in their financial lives and you know we love to see it. 


8. I Weigh w/ Jameela Jamil

You may know Jameela from The Good Place, but she stays more than busy off-screen with her community allyship platform, I Weigh, which works to break down stereotypes, inspire body positivity, and create lasting change in diet and detox culture. If any of that interests you, listen in as Jamil interviews writers, activists, and other prominent figures to discuss everything from trans rights and fatphobia to ablism, race, abortion rights, and more.  


Thanks for reading, Feministas, and happy listening. Check back next Monday right here at The F Word or sign up for our newsletter to stay in the loop on new products, promos, and our weekly feminist beat. 

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